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merry christmas


Christmas at cappadocia

Christmas Menu

Festive Menu: 4 Courses & Selection of Dessert Platter £34.00 per person

homemade lentil soup

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koz biber (v)

Grilled cayenne pepper chopped into small pieces topped with Olive oil, Egg Yolk-mustard sauce with hints of garlic and lemon juice

cacik (v d)

Cucumber dip with creamy yoghurt, garlic and fresh dill, mint and olive oil

Tabule (v g)

Freshly chopped parsley with bulgur, tomatoes, spring onion, olive oil, lemon, sprinkled with pomegranate

Antep Ezme (v)

Crushed redcup and greencup peppers with chopped cucumber, parsley, dill and fresh tomatoes. Finished with pomegranate syrup and Olive oil

humus (v s)

Chickpeas, blended with tahini paste, fresh garlic, lemon and Virgin Olive Oil

potato salad (v)

Slightly spicy potato salad prepared with tomatoes, chilli peppers, coriander, herbs and olive oil

don't choose, get all


Sigara boregi (v g e d)

(Traditional Turkish cheese cigar) Deep fried filo pastry delicately rolled and stuffed with feta cheese and dill

Falafel (v c g s e d)

Deep fried combination of crushed chickpeas and broad beans tossed with fresh herbs

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Vegetarian Musakka (v d g)

Oven baked layered casserole made with potatoes, courgettes, spinach, carrots and aubergine topped with cheddar cheese and special recipe sauce

Wild Sea Bream (g d)

Charcoal-grilled two fillets of sea bream fillet with sizzling butter sauce served with sautéed spinach, potato puree and mix salad

Cappadocia Mixed Grill (d)

Selection of lamb cutlet, diced chicken, diced lamb, chicken wings and lamb kofte skewered with onion, peppers and tomatoes, served with green leaves, red onion and rice

Scottish Rib-Eye on the Bone (d)

Prime rib-eye cooked to perfection, served with sautéed baby potatoes and cooked vegetables

Special Cappadocia Pide (d g)
Turkish style special oval shaped pizza

Oven baked Turkish style pizza with pastirma /seasoned air-dried cured beef/ Turkish garlic sausages, diced lamb, green pepper and seasonings

don't choose, get all


Baklava(d g e n), Sekerpare (d g e n), Incir tatlisi (d n), Sam tatlisi (d g e n) with authentic Italian Vanilla Ice Cream (d)

Special New Year Eve Menu will be served only. Limited tables available. 10% Extra Service Charge will be applied to your bill.

s- sesame, d- diary, g-gluten, f-seafood, v-vegetarian, e-egg, m-mustard

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